Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Service Announcement

It has come to my attention that some of you don't know what I am talking about when I mention "my kiddos."

Now, this is a completely different issue than the fact that many of you dont know what I'm talking about when I ramble on about various and sundry issues. That can't be helped.

I can, however, help explain to you who our "kiddos" are. Also, I have been working on putting 'my story' together (whatever that means) for several people who have asked me for it. So I might post that on here sometime soon. But dont get yourself too excited. It might be a while. Oh and it might also need to be several posts, what with my penchant for long-winded-ness and all.

What was I saying? Oh right, the kiddos.

When I talk about the kiddos, I am referring to the many sweet, crazy, funny, wild, silly, fantastic kids who live in the low-income housing areas of Atlanta.

Our involvement with them all started two years ago when we worked at Camp Grace. There, we fell in love with our kiddos - and since then our involvement and work with them has only grown. We still work at camp every summer (Adam is the head counselor for the boys and I, well, I just hang out with the kids) And Adam is leaving his job as a teacher next year to cultivate a mentoring program through Vision Atlanta as a way to follow up with the kids who attend camp. The need for follow-up is great, particularly because MANY of the kids make decisions for Christ at camp, but then return to environments that are harsh and difficult, and most certainly not conducive to growing in their baby-faith. You can read more about what we're doing and how the mentoring program is progressing on our other blog (

The way that Vision Atlanta works is primarily as a "bridging ministry" and our goal is to connect inner-city ministries and needs with resources and people from the suburbs. So ministries which are already established in Atlanta (and other low-income areas of Georgia) bring kids to camp, and their time there is sponsored by people, churches, and businesses, in the suburbs.

One of the ministries that brings kids to camp is called Metro Kidz. After our first year of camp, I began volunteering with Metro Kidz (because I loved their ministry and the work they're doing downtown with the Dream Center is amazing).

Two years later, I am on staff with Metro Kidz and help run the after-school sidewalk Sunday School program on Tuesdays, visit the kids at their homes on Saturdays, and help run Sunday school on Sunday mornings. We usually have between 50-100 kids at our programs each week. And if you've read any of my blog before, or if you follow me on Twitter, you know that things can get pretty crazy. But I'll tell you what, I just love every minute (well, most minutes).

There's my long-winded-ness again. I cannot escape it. I apologize to my four loyal readers. But this video from Metro Kidz makes my heart melt every time I see my kiddos' faces on it. And I even make a guest appearance. The cowboy hat? That's because it was our Halloween Metro Kidz, not because I am in the habit of wearing cowboy hats (not that there's anything wrong with wearing cowboy hats per say - but I am Canadian and we don't generally wear cowboy hats . . . )

Anyhow, the video. Here it is


  1. You can totally talk about your kiddos all you want, long-winded or not. I totally dig your ministry.

  2. What an awesome ministry you are serving in! Keep talking about your kiddos all you want!

  3. What an awesome thing you and your hubby are doing!!!!! You ramble all you want

  4. Thanks for stopping by and checking out Meron's gang sign!

    You have some great photos on here - and I recognized the green Heineken bottle pic - it was one of my favorites!

    Small world here - our church is doing some work with the Dream Center next month and I see you do all kinds of work down town - I love it.

    My heart has forever been changed for the fatherless - it's so inspiring to read this stuff - keep on keeping on!

  5. Becca, Thanks for leaving the comment on my IHeartFaces entry. I live overseas for almost 30 years and we are in Skopje, Macedonia at the moment. But we bought a house in the Atlanta area in 2005- where we retire someday. I love your blog and the story of your "kiddos". So nice to meet you. Our blogpage is:

  6. It is great so see you loving these kids so much. It takes a special heart only God can give! Keep the stories coming and I will follow - I promise!

  7. this is awesome!! love seeing His hands and feet at work!

  8. The video made me cry...that is twice I pregnant?
    .....No, that's right, then you would have to call me "Mary" to make that one possible. lol

  9. You're an inspiration!

    Today was my first day working with inner city kids. I FELL IN LOVE with all of them--I felt like I found my heart with them. I wish I could get involved in the ministry you're doing - sounds fantastic - but I live in Birmingham, AL. I know I can be used by God to minister to young lives here (and they can minister in mine!), and I'm so excited to see Him work.

    I came across your blog after searching about inner city ministries, and I added myself to your followers list! (I have a blog, but it's largely political/cultural satire. Not as worthwhile as what you're doing!)

    God bless you richly.


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