Sunday, March 1, 2009

Messy in More Ways Than One

For some reason, after every weekend I feel like I need a weekend to recover. Unfortunately, that never happens and I just jump right into Monday morning and start the madness all over again. Weirdly, I am always exhausted. Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that I work every single day of the week and have a 5 month old baby who suddenly decided NOT to sleep through the night anymore. Which, by the way, was a bad decision on Jayci's part.

So Friday night Adam and I enjoyed a much needed date. We had a romantic dinner at Canoe restaurant, overlooking the beautiful, crystal clear Chattahoochee River (um and for those non-Georgians, that is what we call sarcasm). But seriously, it was a delight. Then we were planning on seeing Slumdog Millionaire. Unfortunately, we find it impossible, literally impossible, to be on time for anything - so we missed the show. We saw Madea Goes to Jail instead. And can I just say that it was hilarious? Because it was.

Saturday, we did visitation in the rain (as per usual lately). Then we ran home and fell asleep (all three of us!) until we barely woke up in time for Sat night service at church. We actually almost overslept and, as usual, were late (literally impossible I tell you). But I am SO glad we decided to go because it was an amazing service.

Want to hear about the service? No? Well I'm going to tell you anyways.

It's missions week at church this week, and we did this really cool thing where all the visiting missionaries came up and wrote in paint where they were serving while we sang God of the City. I may have cried. It was a powerful moment, realizing how God is truly working and moving all over the globe. And right in the middle of the song, when we were singing "Greater things are yet to come/Greater things are still to be done/In the city." In that moment, I felt the Spirit stirring within me. And I asked myself: What if He rescued ALL our kiddos? Because He can. And why don't we believe He will?

And then I cried and worshiped and it was beautiful.

Sunday morning, we had church downtown (as usual). And it snowed. Hard. I felt almost like I was back in Canada. Well except that none of it stuck to the ground, but still.

And tonight? It was Missions Marketplace at church. And we were there . . . as missionaries! Whoa. That's all I have to say about that right now. Don't worry, more details are coming. Soon.

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is Messy. And that word just about sums up every aspect of my life lately. Especially the state of my house. But no one wants to see pictures of my dust bunnies. Although I'm not promising not to post them.

So instead, here's one of my little cutie being more than a little messy. Those are sweet potatoes by the way. She clearly loved them.

ps - I apologize because I realize I have already posted this picture. I will try and get you a new one next time. But again, I am not making any promises. I try not to make promises on here that I can't keep. Because I dont want to lose your bloggy trust.


  1. Hahaha, that picture is tooooo funny! I saw Madea Goes to Jail tonight and laughed my head off, it was GREAT!!!! :o)

  2. Oh my word, I adore that picture of Jayci. TOO cute!!

    Glad ya'll had a good weekend, my friend!!

  3. Really fantastic picture. How cool that your church still goes visiting. I didn't know that churches did that anymore. I remember doing it when I was in Jr. High.

    Loved the idea of the missionary presentation. Very cool!

  4. unbelievable pic! how stinkin cute.

    ugh. I have been tired since my first guy was born, and I am still tired. I am tired right now. hahah.

    that was not very encouraging, was it????

  5. I almost made my kids stand in the middle of my kitchen for my messy photo...but that would be just too embarrassing for words, wouldn't it?! :)

    Great the theme perfectly!

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  6. I love moments at church where you just cry...

    I want to see Madea goes to Jail too!! I keep hearing its funny!

    And that picture is wrongly cute!! Feel bad she's gagging but it is adorable!!

  7. Great shot! I love watching babies eat sweet potatoes. She is so sweet!

  8. I don't like baby food either!

  9. LOL! Awesome entry - great capture with that expression. Priceless!

  10. Very funny! The theme for this week led a lot of people to go through their archives!

  11. That is an absolutely perfect entry! Love that face - the expression is priceless!

  12. Oh, that makes me laugh-- I've seen a similar expression here many times before!!

  13. This picture is hilarious! What a great memory AND blackmail material for the future!

  14. Oh my, what an expression! Love the tongue sticking out. Too funny!

  15. That is the funniest picture!!

  16. Love that picture!
    Glad you and your hubby had a night out. We also enjoyed a hot date night on Saturday. We saw..."He's Just Not That Into YOu"..pretty funny as well.

  17. Too funny and oh soooo messy! LOVE it!!

  18. What a fun picture, ahhhhh, sweet potatoes =)

  19. Here expression says it all.

  20. Thanks for your comments! I love your messy photo too! She is totally gagging! lol Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours! Your cropped pic is fabulous!


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