Sunday, March 8, 2009

Live from Puerto Rico

That's right, I'm writing this from Puerto Rico. And have I mentioned that I love the beach? Cause I do.

We've been enjoying the gorgeous weather and laying by the pool and on the beach. The best part? Jayci's grandparents are here, which means I've actually had a chance to relax. Who would have thought?

Speaking of last night, we had an interesting dining experience, to say the least. After a LONG day of traveling (like 12 hours total long), we thought some food was a must. And since we're in a spanish-speaking country (um i mean US territory . . .) we figured what the hotel described as Mexican/Puerto Rican food was a sure bet. So we went to a cute little restaurant called 'Sugar Cubes.' Now I'm not sure why it's called that, except maybe that was the name of the place when the guy bought it, so he just left it that way. The inside looked like it was just a bar, so we picked a nice table outside and looked over the menus (which were in Spanish). Since I dont speak Spanish, I wasn't sure what was actually, you know, ON the menu. However, I figured it was safe to assume we could order some chips and salsa. So I did. The owner/our waiter informed us that they didn't actually have any salsa, but they were getting us some.

A few minutes later, we see the cook or whoever it was returning from the store across the court-yard. He was carrying a bag with Pace Salsa and Tostidos Scoops chips. Now, dont get me wrong, I love me some Pace and Tostidos. But it's hardly authentic Puerto Rican fare. Plus, I was feeling a little wary about any "Mexican" restaurant that didn't have lots of chips, salsa and cheese readily available. . .

Regarding the rest of the meal, lets just say I do NOT want to see what the kitchen looked like. And my mom got some soup that looked like Campbell's condensed vegetable soup, with a chicken leg floating in it. Yum.

Oh and when my dad tried to order a beer, the owner said he didn't serve alcohol, but we were welcome to run to the shop where they got the Pace and Tostidos and get some. Which made us a little confused about the whole BAR inside. In the span of our dinner, no less than 4 groups of tourists asked to see the menu, and then left without sitting down to eat. Maybe they were deterred by the fact that our quesadillas looked much like the ones I make myself at home. And, have I mentioned, I am NOT a cook at all. Quesadillas are a stretch for me.

Other than that, we're having a fantastic time. See? Here's cute Jayci in her sunhat and cover-up. In case you were wondering, she is far more stylish than I am. Unfortunately she also hates to sleep a lot more than I do. Because me? I love the sleep. Naps, night-time, morning, I'll take it however I can get it. Last night Jayci fought me and fought me and ended up finally sleeping in bed with me. Which is totally fine with me, I just am always afraid I'll roll over or something so i don't sleep well with her in bed with me. But any sleep is better than no sleep, or at least that's what I always say.


  1. How fun, I'm jealous :). Love the dinner story! At least you know where the store is if you need it.

  2. Those pictures of Jayci are BEAUTIFUL! Looks like the beach life agrees with her too!!!

    And wasn't there a commercial about salsa "MADE IN NEW YORK CITY"... made me think of that!

  3. Oh my, how cute are those pictures. Looks like you all are having a blast. I’m soooo jealous!!! :o)

  4. LOVE the pictures!! Glad ya'll are having a great time!

  5. Better luck on the dining front...

    The pictures look great though! Drink a margarita or two for me!

  6. Have so much fun! I'm so jealous - Jayci looks so cute at the beach!

    BTW - our house is in Chattanooga. Michael has a great job there so I'm moving!

  7. What a funny story! When my hubs and I were on our honeymoon, we stayed at an all inclusive in Cancun. One of the nights was a chinese bar. We opted to eat out that night. The spanish culture cooking chinese just didn't sound appealing so we stuck to what they did best.

    The second shot in the post would have been perfect for the creative crop and the final image is perfect. She must have been in shade of some sort which still lets us see how glorious the light is but really popped the colors. Enjoy your vaca! Did I already mention I'm jealous!


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