Friday, March 27, 2009

Life According to Jayci

I know I may be overloading you on the videos lately. But hello? I finally figured out how to downsize them enough to post them on this here internet. Because nothing is better than having a fancy HD camera when all you really want is to take videos of questionable quality so you can post them on your blog.

Anyhoo - Jayci wanted to talk to you y'all a little bit today about what is like being 6 months old. So without further ado, I give you the cutest baby in the world (seriously no bias here).

*note: although it may look like it, she does not in fact have a bowl cut. And I apologize because I just realized this is probably the most boring video ever for everyone besides Jayci's grandparents. But a video of her sleeping would probably enthrall them too.

Lets Talk About Being 6 Months Old from Becca Stanley on Vimeo.

"Hewwo to all my fans and fwiends. Oh and gwandma and oma. I Wove you!

I am six monfhs old. Mom took me to the doctor just a wittle while ago and she said dat I am getting weally big! I am fourteen pounds and ten ounces - dat's huge pwetty much. And I am bery tall too. But I dont fink we should talk about the doctor any wonger betause I did NOT have fun. Everyfing was FINE until she twied to make me dwink that yucky medicine. Dont worry, I am WEALLY good at getting my way and i have refusing food, dwink and other fings down pat. I just arch my back and blow spit bubbwes. It works gweat. The doctor even said I am stubborn. She has NO idea all the twicks I have up my sweeve.

Speaking of sweeves, don't you just WOVE this shirt? I am so fashionable.

Somefing else I wove is eating. I wish mom would huwwy up and give me some fwuit. Word on the stweet is dat dey taste WAY better dan all the begetables she's been giving me. So far I have been eating wice ceweal, oatmeal, peas, cawwots, sweet taters, and gween beans. Oh and squash too.

Next I will tell you how to get out of your swaddle. It's a new twick I wearned and I am BERY good at it. All you gots to do is awrch your back WEALLY big, den wiggle your arms and POP - you're out! And den you can take your paci out of your mouf and dat way you wont fall asweep. Ever. I wove not sweeping. It stwesses my mom out and den she acts WEALLY funny.

I also wove when daddy frows me in the air. And when dey tickle me. Oh and when I got to go on da swing. Dat was fun too. I basically wove anything dat makes me feel scared or lose my tummy. Daddy is way more fun dan mommy for dese sorts of fings. She's a wuss. But dat's ok betause she has da milk, so i forgive her for being a wuss.

Oh wook! Mavewick! I wove da doggies. Dey are so fun to poke, and den dey wick my face. Which is sort of yucky, and mommy yells at dem. But I dont mind.

And now I need to eat dis fing right here, so I gotta go. Have a nice day! I wove you!


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments!

    Your daughter is beautiful. That video is so cute! My mom always asks for videos too. I wish mine came out as clear as yours!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. oh, that face is adorable... she's a little gabber, isnt she! That's so fun! Wondering what's in that little mind!

  3. Hilarious post!! My favorite part was:

    "And den you can take your paci out of your mouf and dat way you wont fall asweep. Ever. I wove not sweeping."

    I hope that when she gets to be about nine months old, that she doesn't learn how to do what mine did, which was stand UP in the crib, but have NO idea to get back down. And dat way you wont fall asweep. Ever.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  4. Thanks for the comment! Yes, she is a springer spaniel. She's definitely a nut too, but we still love her. Your daughter is adorable!

  5. Now that was so far from boring!!!! She's absolutely adorable and I loved the video...I already miss that stage with Allie..can I come babysit? :)

  6. She is so!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! As far as pushing the buttonn and running to get in the photo, that is my dh's job here! He sets the timer for 10 sec., we already have the pose and his spot thought out, we are ready in our spots, he presses button, runs to his spot and smiles!! He runs back to check the picture while we keep our position, until he tells us if the pic is a keeper or not. Thankfully, we usually get the pic the first time! :o)

  7. Thanks for the comment!!

    My goodness you have a cutie. Love the video, she reminds me a lot of my 7 month old! ;) I just love having little conversations with them at that age. Too cute!

  8. I LOVE HER!! And her mama, who is TOO funny!

  9. Thanks for the comment! Jayci is adorable - love the video. I wish we lived closer so Wells & I could meet you at World of Coke (not sure if that's exactly what it's called but I was in heaven with all the different flavors when we visited Atlanta).


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