Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a Few of My Favorite Things

My sweet real-life and bloggy friend Candace of Mrs. Southern Belle awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award. And if you haven't read her blog or checked out her Etsy Shop, you totally should. She is one talented chica.

I would like to thank my daughter and my crazy dogs, without whom I would have nothing to write about. . . .

But seriously, I was happy to be awarded :-) And here are the rules: list 7 things you love, and then pass on to 7 bloggers that you love. Be sure to tag them to let them know that they won!

7 Things I LOVE

1- My baby and hubby. Because I felt guilty leaving them off the list. But really, it's just a given that I love them right?
2- Reading and Books. I LOVE it. If I had more time, I could pretty much read all the time. And on the same note, I could spend all our money at Barnes and Noble. Easily.
3- My kiddos downtown. I have heard that some of you aren't exactly sure who my "kiddos" are. So here it is: "Kiddos" refers to any of the various kids we work with and minister to in inner-city Atlanta. Oh and have I mentioned that I love them?
4- My sisters. Despite the fact that they are WAY cooler than me, they are still my bestest friends. Which is something no big sister would guess ten or fifteen years ago when pulling their hair and pushing them down the stairs. Not that I would ever do anything like that. . .
5- My DVR. Because quite honestly? I'm not sure how I lived without it.
6- CHEESE. Particularly in any kind of Mexican fare.
7- The internet. I cannot thank Al Gore enough for inventing the internet. I'm not sure how I could parent without google. Or how I could make it through the long days working at home and taking care of a new baby without my bloggy and facebook friends :-) Oh and how else could I know that my fear of birds is technically called ornithophobia?

And all of you. I love you too.

And Jesus. I love Him most of all.


  1. Your comment about Al Gore cracked me up!!

  2. Congrats!!! You are well deserved!

  3. me lovey a book store anytime!!! Hours can be spent in there.. & of course, tons of money!

  4. You deserve a hundred awards because you are SO cool : ).

  5. I would like to thank Al Gore for the internet too :) SO funny. Thanks for the comment on my site about my photo. It was so sweet of you.

    P.S. After reading some of you blog, I can see why you would recieve an award like this. Congrats!


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