Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the Literary World, They Call It Foreshadowing

I do believe I promised you a story. So a story you will get.

Now normally, as you may already know, my stories tend to be a little, um, long-winded. But seeing as this story takes place 3 years ago, the details are a little foggy. Which means, lucky for you blog readers, this should technically be short and sweet.

It was a cold March night when we left our fantastic, over-the-top, beautiful wedding at about 10:30pm. From there, we were chauffeured in our Rolls Royce to the Ritz Carlton, where Adam's grandfather generously put us up in a suite complete with 2 bathrooms. We were leaving early the next morning for our honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. Do you get the picture here? It's actually a little embarrassing to write down in words the extent of luxury we experienced that night/week.

At our wedding, we had obscene amounts of food. Seriously, we like to eat, so food was a top priority for us. There was macaroni and cheese served in martini glasses, various cheeses(lots of cheese!), crackers, fruits, meats, and then a full-on meal served buffet style. And two cakes. One chocolate and one vanilla. Would you expect any less from us really?

So our catering company graciously sent us back to the hotel with enough of ALL the food for probably 4 people (or just us on a normal day). Considering it was already 11pm and we were exhausted, we weren't our usual ravenous selves. Which meant we had at least 6 large boxes of leftover food.

You better believe we ate the Mac & cheese and cake. But then Adam and I picked up the food, and headed out of the Ritz (we were still dressed up in our "getaway outfits" but not the dress and tux). We walked (through the freezing cold) a few blocks until we found a homeless guy. Explaining that we had just been married a few hours before (for some odd reason, he seemed incredulous), we gave him all our boxes of food and asked him to share with other homeless folks. Now remember, at this point in time, I was more afraid and wary of homeless people than in love with them.

But for some reason, God prompted Adam and I to head out on our wedding night and share the abundance He had provided us with some less fortunate folks. Maybe He was showing us a vision of our future together. And maybe He was just trying to remind us of how MUCH we had and how richly we were blessed.

Whatever it was, Adam and I are nothing if not slow, so it took us a few years to fully appreciate the lessons God was teaching us. Now we just think of it as foreshadowing of where we would be three years after that cold night in March. And we love it. Seriously love it.

Remember how I said it would be short and sweet? Apparently I lied, clearly I am incapable of short and sweet. My apologies.


  1. Well, I prefer LONG and sweet stories so this one, I LOVED!!!!! What a neat story. Ya'll are the best. And God...well He is awesome as always!

  2. This was GREAT!!!! What a great testament to the faithfulness of God!!!!!! :o)

  3. How amazing that you two would take the time to even think of that... on a wedding day where the focus is on you & starting off your life together, you thought of others less fortunate... wow!

  4. What an amazing story and a great first step in your ministry together! I love it when God shows me foreshadowing that I missed. It seems so obviously later!

  5. So basically we should be best friends. Not to mention the obvious (Jesus freaks, moms, dog owners), but I'm OBSESSED with Mexican food and DC. I should so not be drinking it while pregnant, but I CAN'T HELP IT. Who would try and take away a pregnant lady's diet coke?
    Oh, and cheese is my non-human best friend. I buy cheese in bulk - seriously. You can never have too much cheese.

  6. So glad you shared that story. Funny, my husband bugs me with eac new post and encourages me to shorten them.


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