Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He Numbers the Sand

As I sit here on the beach with my nearly six month old daughter, there are so many things I want to tell her. So many lessons I want to teach her. Of course she can't really understand me yet, but I fear that when she's older she wont want to listen. So I whisper truth to her, and hope it will take root in the deepest parts of her heart.

Sweet Jayci -

Do you see the ocean? Its thundering waves, gorgeous blues, and darkest depths never cease to amaze me. We cannot even see its edges, and yet God holds it in the palm of His mighty hand.

Do you see the sand between your toes? Every single insignificant grain has been numbered by God. And if He numbers the grains of sand, how carefully do you think He is looking after you? Pretty carefully I'd say. Luke reassures us: "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." (Luke 12:6-7) Don't ever forget how much you're worth to God (and to me and daddy!)

Do you see the waves? Those same waves that pound the shore relentlessly and powerfully, they're the same waves that Jesus walked on and calmed with just a Word.

Do you see the sun setting over the ocean? The beautiful sky swathed in brilliant shades of pink and orange and cut through with blue-gray clouds? Pay close attention, because this is the only time you will ever see the sky look exactly like that. For as many days as there are, God will make that many beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Just as His mercies are new every morning, so too is the beauty of His creation.

Every time I'm on the beach, I cannot help but be reminded that we serve a Powerful and Creative God. One who both created the world and is intimately acquainted with all it's minutiae of parts. But the thing I want you to remember most is that this awesome God we serve? He is madly in love with YOU. And I pray every single day that one day you will fall in love with Him too. Because following this Creator God is an adventure and journey that far surpasses even the most beautiful and amazing things that the world has to offer.


  1. I've been so out of it lately and am just now catching up. I've missed your words and pics lately so I was so happy to see you tonight.

    What a touching letter to your sweet precious little girl!!!

  2. so much truth... this is beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful message to your daughter. It's never too early to teach her about the creation of our awesome God. This is a great post!

  4. I absolutely LOVED this. I needed it, thank you :o)

  5. Those 'truths' that you wrote to your daughter were absolutely, beautifully written. I especially love the part where you pray that she will one day 'fall in love' with God too.

    I suppose that being in such a beautiful place gives you lots of inspiration...

  6. You are an amazing mom!! So inspiring!! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  7. WOW...such a beautiful shot! I couldn't agree more with Kimberly's comment. You should share some more of your vacation pics on my blog. I'm hosting Scenic Sundays - a photography meme I created. I will be posting my photos on Sunday, but your welcomed to join in any day. Hope to see you there.


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