Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who doesn't love sweet potatoes?

Today was a momentous day in the Stanley household. Jayci had her first vegetables!

She would like to tell you about her experience:

Well, it all started off gweat. Mommy put me in my gween chair, which i WOVE because i get me some yummy wice ceweal usually. I even got to wear my sassy pink bib. I like it wen mommy keeps me stywish.

But den mommy twied to give me some owange stuff. "Now mommy," I says, "Wice ceweal isn't usually owange but I am going to twust you neways."

So den I took a weally big bite, Because I weally like food. Mommy says dat I'm just wike her and daddy and dat's why i wove to eat.

But dis owange stuff? it did NOT taste good. Not even a wittle bit. I felt VEWY supwised by it, and a wittle bit upset by it too.

I qwickly twied to spit it all out. And den I coughed and gagged for good measwure. I have a fwair for da dwamatic you know. Den I couldn't help but shudder at how gwoss it was, pwus I wanted mom to make swure not to give me ANY mowr.

But den, for weasons I don't even undewstand, I kept eating and eating and wepeating dis compwicated pwocess wif each bite: swallow, close one eye, spit out, cough, gag, shudder. . . It was awlfull. . . hopefully tomowwow mommy will give me something mowe yummy wike carwots or sumptin.


  1. I am cracking up...literally laughing out loud at the computer! That was hilarious!!!

  2. These are so sweet and precious! I remember my girls first taste of "real" food and pretty much made the same expressions!! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog hope to see you back soon!

  3. that last one cracks me up. :)

    she's a cutie!!

  4. That was the cutest post I have read in a long time! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I'm jealous though that she has so much hair!! Allie's almost 9 months and I'm still waiting for the day I can use bows without the headbands :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..hope you don't mind..I've quickly become a follower :)


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