Monday, February 16, 2009

Where I Would Be if I Wasn't Where I Am.

A year ago today I was in Europe on a business trip. Granted, I had to run to the bathroom every hour or so to throw up from "morning sickness" (which lasted all. day. long.) Nevertheless, I was in EUROPE for a business trip. For many people, that would be what we call "living the dream:" I was just out of college, making good money, traveling the world, flying first class. See the picture of me right there? Yup, that's first class all right: seats that lay all the way flat, hot towels to wipe your brow, large-screen TVs that play any movie you could imagine on demand, gourmet meals, large bathrooms (well by air-plane standards) complete with vases with orchids (seriously). I flew to such exotic locales like Thailand, India, Germany, Holland, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

But something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it but I could certainly feel it deep inside. Stirrings that maybe all this jet-setting and money-making wasn't for me, wasn't what God had planned.

So I quit. Well, I still work part-time from home on the website, but I don't travel. And some days? I barely make it off the couch. Sometimes I don't shower for a few days. Sometimes I get hit in the face or rejected by my kiddos downtown. Sometimes I can't get Jayci to fall asleep to save my life.

But you know what? I wouldn't trade what I'm doing now for anything. Not even traveling to Europe and Asia on exotic and exciting trips. . . .

Nope. I wouldn't trade this:

or this:

for anything!


  1. Wow, first class that was the life huh! But I couldn't agree with you more, I stayed home with my girls until they started school and I wouldn't trade giving up my job to stay home for anything. She is so precious!

  2. Nothing beats the important things in life, no matter all the jet-setting in the world that you could do!!!! :o) Be blessed today!!! :o)

  3. Sheesh. I had no idea first class was all that.

    But something tells me your new gig puts first class to shame!

  4. Well, maybe just one trip... One day for one trip? Maybe... at least I would :) H

  5. I am enjoying reading through your blog. Your writing is authentic.
    I love this post. I can relate. I once lived a life of "first class." Turns out, first class is such a joke of worthlessness, compared with the richness of a sentence like this:"Mommy, will you sing me a song?"

    be still my heart.



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