Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Circus

On our very first Valentine's Day together as boyfriend and girlfriend(in high school), my husband and I went to the circus. It was my first visit and I don't remember much except enjoying the cotton candy and feeling a little sorry for the animals because they couldn't run free in the wild. Although, to be honest, I was glad that the tigers weren't running free.

Anyhow, yesterday my friend Courtney (who has two boys, aged one and two and a half) happened to get 16 free box seat tickets to the circus. We got the tickets very last minute, but we were NOT going to let them go to waste. So we packed (literally packed) all three car seats in the backseat and left for Phillips Arena just as the circus was starting, figuring we would still catch at least the last hour or so.

We knew we were off to a great start when Jayci started sobbing and didn't stop until we got there. Clearly Holden enjoyed her crying as much as I do. It's a delight I tell you, a delight.

We parked in the Gold lot, because Gold is good right? And can I just ask why they would name something "Gold" that was, in fact, approximately 3 miles away from the Will Call booth? I'd say that's more like bronze. We decided against using the stroller in case we weren't allowed to bring it in. And I'll tell you what, Body Pump has nothing on carrying a 15lb baby and diaper bag for 3 miles in the hot sun, wearing a North Face fleece jacket. Because apparently I'm not all that good at dressing weather-appropriately.

Finally we got to our box suite, which was just lovely. Unfortunately, they did not construct said boxes to contain a lively 2 year old. Before we knew it Holden was 5 boxes down and running strong. Luckily, Courtney was able to corral him so we could enjoy the tigers, elephants and ponies. Apparently there were also acrobats, but we couldn't see them from our fancy box seats.

Oh and did I mention that our friend Emily also met us there with her one year old -- and the 2 one-year olds? They cried. The whole time. And Holden kept trying to escape. So basically Jayci was the only one enjoying the show, although rumor has it that she may have just been fascinated by all the flashing lights.

After watching the second half of the circus, we managed to hike all 5 miles back (oh did I say 3 miles earlier? It felt more like 5). And on the way home we consoled ourselves with diet coke and Chick-fil-a.

And we learned a valuable lesson. Don't go to the circus with 4 children under the age of 3. On the plus side, things could have been much worse: we could have been those guys who had to run out behind the elephants and scoop up their poop.

*Note: It actually wasn't as bad as it sounds in the re-telling. We had fun :-)


  1. But at least you were wearing a cute scarf through it all. BigMama would be so proud...

  2. I want to go to the circus!! Thanks for the comments!

  3. The circus was just through here... I wanted to take my twin nieces...sounds like an adventure!

  4. I love the title of this A Valentine's Circus. Too Cute! I haven't been to the circus in forever! But after reading your post I have made a note to my self to not take children 2 and under :-)


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