Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sidewalk Sunday School

Yesterday was our first Sidewalk Sunday School of the year! We take a little break during the winter since, you know, it's a little cold to be outside. All day I was just so excited to see my kiddos and do our program. Adding to the excitement was the fact that a sweet friend was visiting from Mississippi with her high school youth group (which she pastors). Stephanie is actually someone I interned with at Focus on the Family over 3 years ago. The only way we have kept in touch is thanks to this fantastic thing called the internet (maybe you've heard of it?!) It turns out, she reads my blog and looks at my pictures on Facebook (lest you think she's stalking me, I do the same to her so it's all gravy). Anyways, apparently she was moved by the work we are doing in the inner-city and felt led to do something too. So she brought her youth group here for a missions trip! It was a double treat for me to do Metro Kidz yesterday and see my kiddos mid-week, and also to see my friend's kids being transformed by sharing the love of Christ with MY kiddos.

I am always humbled when Christ uses our story like this. Except sometimes when it makes my head swell up with pride, but I try to avoid that. The truth is that when we serve these kids, we are blessed beyond measure. The way that God has transformed our hearts and shaped them perfectly to work in inner-city ministry has been nothing short of miraculous. All it took was just a few or fifty nudges in the right direction by the Holy Spirit.
Here's a pic of me and steph with the kiddos yesterday. I'm not sure why I feel the need to shorten everything right now, but whatev. *Please also note that I am apparently using my peripheral vision to look at the camera. Because why look straight at the camera and smile like a normal person?


  1. That looks like so much fun! How awesome that you guys have kept in touch and got to see each other!!!

  2. How neat and what a great friendship you two have and what an amazing minstry.

  3. Awwww, too sweet. Great to hear of the work the Lord is doing in this ministry :o)

  4. OH, that sounds wonderful. such a treat to see an old/good friend! I'm jealous about the interning at Focus part!!

  5. Love to see people like you & your friend striving & pushing to further HIS Kingdom!!!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. Great to be outside again as well.


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