Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Just So Proud

Jayci just had squash for the first time. And she pounded it y'all. Lately, I can hardly feed her fast enough. Or enough. Those little baby food jars are gone in like 30 seconds flat. Can I just tell you how proud I am that she has clearly inherited my love for eating?

Before you know it, she will be sharing my love for all the finer things in life. Like, you know, diet coke, Chick-fil-a, Mexican food, and cheese.

This is completely unrelated and I should work on my transitions, but whatever. The theme for this week's I Heart Faces contest is Black and White. This is a quick shot of Jayci when she was 4 months old . . . Seriously, I am nearly teary thinking about how fast it's going - she's almost 6 months?! How did that even happen?

Anyways, here she is - go check out more black and white pictures over at I heart Faces. Lots of talent over there. No seriously, I'm talking real talent not "I'll use my fancy camera on auto and pretend to take good pictures." Not saying I do that or anything.


  1. I love this picture, she is just a little beauty and enjoy it because it will go by so fast and she will be eating chick~fil~a with ya before you know it!!!

  2. beautiful look at that cute baby ! great capture

  3. That is a gorgeous picture! I love the lighting in it

  4. What a beautiful little girl and a great photo!

  5. I used auto on my camera for years...nothing wrong with that. The next step is to go to AV. It's almost auto, you just have to pick the aperture. I finally switched to that because I wanted to get RAW pics too.

    I'm totally with you on the time flying thing. My little girl is now 9 months old. It stings a bit because we're done having kids.

    Okay, back to the real topic...the picture! Whatever setting you took it on, it's beautiful! It converted nicely to B&W too.

  6. I love love love that picture! She's adorable..doesn't the time fly? Allie will be 9 months in three days and I think I might sleep that day away :)

    You're lucky she's eating well...it has taken me months to get Allie to eat baby food!

  7. Very sweet! Great capture, and great entry!

  8. Hi Becca,
    Thanks for stopping by. I just love this pic too! I love reading your blog. Ava Grace is almost 8 months so we are not too far ahead of some of the same stuff... Isnt it all fun? :)

  9. So cute! What a sweet picture!

  10. Oh, what a little cutie!

    It does go very fast, and definitely savor those baby moments. My son is going to start kindergarten this fall and it is so hard to beleive that he will already be in school!

  11. No wonder you are so PROUD! She is adorable. I hear ya on the time moving so fast - my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 23. But you know what, just enjoy every moment as much as you can. It is quite the journey and well worth it. I'm waiting around now for grandchildren Ha! I LOVE babies. Oh, and thanks for commenting on my first try at the i heart faces photos! I see your grandmother was in MI. That's where I am, but I'm from the South. My brother is in AL and we hope to make a trip down there soon. I really enjoyed reading your blog - especially your humor and the part where you were really getting "real". Keep it going!

  12. Hi there! So nice to meet you :)

    Such a beautiful baby... very nice black and white.

  13. She's such a cutie & what a great b&w!! As for the auto thing, well, I just play around with my settings and pretend that I know what I'm doing---I take LOTS of pics and at least one or two come out okay--LOL!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the super nice comment!

    Hugs & Blessings!


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