Friday, February 13, 2009

Fashion Friday: Puerto Rico Baby

So good news: My parents have invited me to Puerto Rico with them for "Spring Break '09 baby" haha. No but seriously, in less than a month, I will be sitting here, enjoying the sunshine and drinking diet coke . . . which, basically sounds like heaven. Probably the only reason I'm invited is because they want to see their granddaughter, but I'll try not to look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means).

As it turns out, I wore maternity clothes for the entire summer last year And those size 6 shorts and bikini I wore the summer before that? Yeah, they don't so much fit anymore. And lets be honest, they probably never will.

So that means I need to get some new attire for Spring Break '09 - So here's a few things I love and would totally buy if, you know, we had money.

First I need a nice one-piece or tankini bathing suit. I have discovered that one pieces actually work best for me because, the muffin top caused by the bottoms on a tankini? Lets just say it's not pretty. I love this one and this one, and possibly this one (although I'm not positive about the bottom ruffle - it might only add volume where the addition of volume is completely unnecessary).

I also (hypothetically) would need a cute light-weight dress for evening dinners since my current dinner attire of sweatpants and one of Adam's t-shirts might embarrass my more fashionable sisters.

I stand firmly by the belief that JCrew has the best shorts around.

For accessories, I will clearly need a lightweight scarf. And I also think I would definitely need these sunglasses. Ok I'm kidding, but seriously - someone please stop the 80s from coming back. I can't stand it.

Here's a few cute things I would love to see my little punkin in. And lets be honest, she is way easier to shop for than I am since she doesn't have to worry about things like, oh I don't know, cellulite?

Oh and she probably needs a cute sunhat or two to protect her sweet little complexion.

What do y'all think? Anything else I just HAVE to have for me or Jayci before we take off for Puerto Rico?

And be sure to visit Big Mama's blog for more Fashion Friday advice.


  1. So just wanted to recommend looking at TJ Maxx for one-piece bathing suits if you haven't already. They always have really nice ones for like 19.99. Plus, I think you would hate the Gap one on. It reeks of only being cute on 13 year old size 00 chics! Have fun!

  2. Sounds like a super fun trip -- I'm jealous! The Boden swimsuit is my favorite!! Oh, and get some cute flip-flops, at least those shouldn't be expensive!

  3. I vote for the Boden suit too. I'm extremely jealous that you are going to Puerto Rico. As I type this it's about 35 degrees outside and I am wearing about 15 layers trying to keep warm. My motto for the last two months has been "Think Beach"

  4. I think you MUST take some blog friends with you... that's what you can't forget (wink!)

  5. I think you are way too lucky and need a tagalong :) I'm jealous!

  6. Those pics look amazing. Plus it is clearly the perfect excuse to do a little shopping! Enjoy it!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate the wonderful comment. :)

    Have fun on your trip. And don't forget to shoot tons of photos. Looking forward to seeing them!

  8. I LOOOVE both of those dresses! Too cute!

  9. Can I go??? You will have a wonderul time and you can't go wrong with JCrew!!

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed that virtual shopping trip with you. And since we're at the mall and all what do you say we stop at the little playground and let the kiddos hang out while we sip a Jamba Juice and eat an Auntie Ann's?

    Your trip sounds heavenly. Especially the free aspect!

  11. sure you don't need me to come along again in adam's place?? :)


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