Thursday, February 5, 2009

And my dog might be slightly mentally handicapped

First of all, I would like to say that it is freezing outside. This morning, in the car, I could see my breath. And I thought to myself that I wish I could park my car in the garage. But I can't park in the garage because the dogs hang out in the garage. And it ends up being much more work to get the car out, get Jayci in the car, close the garage, get the dogs into the garage etc. So the dogs get the garage, and I freeze my butt off on the way to aerobics. Which is good, now that I think about it, because getting rid of my butt is the reason I go to aerobics in the first place.

So as a result of all the cold, this morning I was thinking about Charli. Having her as our pet has been an adventure since we got her as just a wee little pup. She was a fireball from the start, and things only got worse when she got sick part way through her obedience training. She has seriously been sick since then -- the vets charged us approximately $4000 to tell us they have no idea what's wrong. However, when we give her prednisone, her symptoms (which include sniffles, swollen heads, and one of her eye-balls nearly popping out) seem to go away. And lately, praise Jesus, she does fine even without her meds. Although I am hesitant to pronounce her "healed" for fear that the vet may charge us 5000 more dollars for working this miracle.

Alas, although Charli is now symptom free, she has never quite been the same. We are fairly certain that whatever she had may have done some permanent damage to her brain. This, however, is just a guess based on several pieces of evidence:

1-When she wants to come inside from outside, she flings her entire body into the sliding glass door. Now, I don't mean that she jumps up on the door like a normal dog, I mean she LITERALLY flings her body into the door without putting her paws up first. She will do this over and over until we let her in.

2-If you throw something for her to "fetch," she will stare up into the sky until you show her EXACTLY where you threw it. At which point, she will saunter over and pick it up - that is if she makes it without being distracted by another toy.

3- If Maverick (our other dog) barks because the doorbell rings or a dog walks by, she runs around in circles barking, despite the fact that she clearly has no clue WHY they are barking.

4- When her toys roll under the couch, armoire or other furniture, she HOWLS with her head under the furniture, over and over again.

She is also probably the most annoying creature on the face of the planet. Several times this week alone, I have considered taking her into the woods and leaving her so she can't find her way back home. Luckily, I wouldn't have to take her far. I bet if I left her in the woods directly behind our house she would never find her way back.


  1. Becca, I'm sorry to tell you this...but you are really, REALLY funny.

    I'll bring Knox over and we'll leave them BOTH in the woods :)

  2. This is HILARIOUS Becca! I absolutely love it. It reminds me of my beloved dog Mr. O (his real name is Oliver). I had to leave him behind in the states when I moved, and now he spends his day wandering on 275 acres of land with my best friend. I'm pretty sure he got the better end of the deal. :) But I think our dogs would be good friends. :)


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