Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When Life Gets Messy

Sunday was not a good day. Lets just say it ended with my crying and blubbering to Adam (who was holding a crying Jayci): "I'm sorry you have two babies." Don't you all just envy Adam right now?

It actually started off wonderfully. Adam made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, his parents came and picked Jayci up for the day, and I headed to Metro Kidz all by my lonesome. I was so excited to enjoy time with the kids where i could completely focus on them without worrying about Jayci the whole time. After church, our friends from Fellowship were going to bring lunch for the kids before we took 30 of them to a Hawks game. I was having fun, singing loudly, and cheering, and other such nonsense that I wouldn't ever do in front of anyone besides my kiddos. The only dark spot in my otherwise bright day was that Sabowas in a seriously foul mood.

He was pouting and hiding under his jacket and kept saying he didn't want to come to the Hawks game. Which I was disappointed about, but told him that of course he didn't have to go. Anyways, about half-way through the service (service isn't really the best word to describe Sunday mornings at Metro Kidz but that's another story for another post . . .) Ray Ray came up to me crying because Sabo had been messing with him.

I calmed Ray Ray down and returned to the fun. Later, Ray Ray came back up to me crying again because Sabo had hit him. I carried Ray Ray out, mentioning to Sabo on the way that I was very disappointed in his behavior that day. Of course, this made Sabo angry because how dare I only be mad at him for hitting Ray Ray when Ray Ray hit him first, never mind the fact that Ray Ray is half his age. I told Sabo that I had got Ray Ray in trouble too, and neither one would be coming to the Hawks game.

(As a side note, I didn't realize ahead of time how long this would be and how incapable I would be of leaving out any VERY! IMPORTANT! details . . . my apologies).

When I tried to talk to Sabo about it all later, he walked away mid-sentence (which was not a wise choice with a sleep-deprived new mommy who tends to be emotional on her best day). Anyhow, I let him walk away, asked Adam to talk to him, and proceeded to deal with the chaos surrounding the choosing of only 30 out of about 60 kids to attend the Hawks game (especially when the kids all insist loudly that SOMEONE CHOSE ME! IT WAS HIM! WITH THE RED HAIR! NO IT WAS HER OVER THERE!)

So once the mess was straightened out, I tried to call Sabo's grandmother to tell her what happened and that Sabo would be coming home rather than attending the Hawks game. I couldnt get a hold of her, which was apparently because Sabo had beat me to it. I discovered this when he came up and practically threw the phone at me informing me that his grandma wanted to talk to me.

And here's what she had to say: "Just bring Saviour, Sincere and Samaya home right now." I tried desperately to explain that Sincere and Samaya had been just delightful that day and that they were going to come to the game and I had tried to call her and couldn't get her and probably because Sabo had already called her and . . . clearly I am well-spoken and concise.

She replied "Just bring them all home. I'm sick of you."

Ouch. My delicate emotions supported by only about 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep could hardly stand it. We have done nothing but GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE to Sabo and his family since the day we met them . . .

This is getting ridiculously long -- I apologize to my readers (all two of you) and will pause for a brief intermission because Jayci is FINALLY asleep and that means I should go ahead and close my eyes as well.

So, without further ado or any more rambling:


  1. Oh, wow. I cannot even imagine how rotten that made you feel. I hurt for you that in the midst of loving and giving, you were spoken to so harshly by their grandmother. I'm praying...for you, for them, for the love of Christ to reign over all.

    And don't worry about the crying, as a new mom you get all SORTS of grace extended to you for that :)

  2. Ouch indeed! I can't deal with it when people speak to me like that either...cue the tears!


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