Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Are You Doing with Your Life?

A few years ago, some dear friends of ours decided to follow God's leading, step out in faith, and start a really cool new ministry called Broken Voices. Their goal? To awaken young people (well everyone, really, but especially young people) to their purpose and their voice in the story God is writing. They started with short films shown at churches and FCAs etc. But a few days ago, we received their finished full-length film - Anthem. And y'all? It is amazing! I was blown away by the stories they shared and the beautiful way they demonstrated that ordinary people really can do extraordinary things. The film tells the stories of several people across the nation who are living their lives doing some really cool things for Christ. Things like serving in the inner-city, helping teenagers, aiding recovering addicts in finding their careers . . . I was moved and blown away to see all the cool and creative ways people were serving Jesus!

When asked why they started serving, I noticed that most of them said something to the effect of: "I realized that God loved these people (homeless, kids, unborn babies etc) just as much as He loved me. They are precious children of God." And I wanted to jump up and down and shout "ME TOO! ME TOO!" Of course I didn't do that because, well, that might make Adam wonder what was wrong with me(and that's something we just can't even begin to discuss right now).

I got off track here, but my point is this: it wasn't until I realized the heart of Jesus was for the kids downtown that I understood how deeply I NEEDED to serve them. See, by serving them - I found Jesus. When they smile and hug me, or when they tease me, or hit me, or throw a temper tantrum . . . I get the chance to be Jesus to them. And truthfully? The places where most of these kids live are filled with people and situations that will NOT show them Jesus. So I can't help but wonder, how would they ever find Him if I wasn't willing to show them? Not to say that it all rests on my shoulders, because clearly God could bring someone who is much more patient and loving and kind and merciful and more Jesus-like to take my place and show these kids Himself better than I could. But for now, I get to be the hands and feet of my Savior in serving some pretty cool kids . . . and that is something that I wouldn't give up for anything.

If you want to hear some pretty rocking stories of ordinary people who are doing cool things to serve Jesus -- you should visit my friends website at And definitely order Anthem -- It's totally worth it.

One more thing: The Broken Voices website has a cool new section called "Your Story" In their words: "If you are discovering who you are and doing something with your life, if you are just starting something, if you are about to try something, or anywhere in between - we would love to hear about it!" So send them an email with your story at and maybe your story will inspire someone else to get off their bottom and start serving too!

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