Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Simply Cannot Allow This to Happen

It has come to my attention that I haven't posted pictures of Jayci in a while. I was shocked and appalled that there haven't been the usual 100s of pictures floating around . . . I have been too little caught up in rocking, and bouncing, and soothing, and feeding, and trying to stop all the crying, to remember to take pictures.

However, here are a few new ones that I love -- I am getting a little choked up seeing how BIG she's gotten already! (see the pictures of her eating rice cereal -aka formula with a spoon - for the first time!) I'm very ready for this whole crying/fighting sleep phase to be over, but I still don't want to rush through anything with her!!


  1. Oh she is gorgeous! LOVE the first photo - too cute!

  2. Doesn't she put a new perspective on your troubles?
    I wonder why Sabo is so angry. He usually seems to warm up after a while. Did something else happen that you don't know about? hmmmmmmmm
    My prayers are with you, Jayci, and Adam everyday.
    xxxxxxxxx oma

  3. She's so cute, I really miss having a baby around here!


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