Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So the other night I went to hear Travis Cottrell do a live recording of his worship CD, with Beth Moore's thoughts (aka BRINGING the Word!) intermingled with some great singing from a choir that was, in a word, gigantic.

For so many reasons, it was a fun night. First of all, I got to meet a bloggy friend who is now a real life friend for sure. Leslie is a gem :-) We even went to Sonic before-hand, because clearly worshiping requires some superior ice and delicious refreshment to keep your throat from getting parched.

Then I also got to meet some encouraging/inspiring bloggy heroes of mine, Sophie and Melanie (aka BooMama and BigMama). Unfortunately, this meeting came at the end of the concert and I basically just stood there like an idiot because I had managed to punch my straw through the bottom of my Sonic cup, causing all the melted ice to pour out, along with some leftover lime/cherry juice. All of which I was (for some crazy reason) trying to catch with my hand, so I wasn't sure how to handle the whole dripping mess situation with any sort of social grace.

Also, I was having trouble focusing on worship and on meeting new people because Adam was watching the baby and he texted me to let me know that she was fussy and how in the world do you make it stop?! (something I ask myself daily). I was all flustered and worried and trying to stop thinking about how to get home to help (although to be fair, Adam is her dad and should be able to watch her without complaining about the crying every time. I mean, she cries for me too and do I complain? Oh. I do?)

Anyways, then Beth pointed out how Paul and Silas were in prison, beat to a pulp, and WORSHIPING THE LORD. And I realized that if they could do that, then I should be able to focus myself and quiet my heart regarding a little crying baby in order to worship the One who created that crying baby.

So, like I mentioned, Beth can definitely preach it - and her books have changed my life on more than one occasion. And I heard a rumor that she is going to write about insecurities sometime soon. Which would be, you know, amazing. Not that I know anything at all about being insecure. . .

I didnt take any pictures, because I cant seem to get my life together or get organized enough to actually remember to bring things places, but here is a picture I stole from Leslie's blog. Oh and by the way, she did a much better job describing the night over on her blog than I am doing here.


  1. You did NOT stand there like an idiot. You stood there patiently waiting for me to quit fawning over both Sophie and Melanie and let you get a word in edgewise.

    And personally? I think you handled that whole dripping cup issue with MUCH more social grace than I would ever be capable of. Boo and Big escaped with no trace of pink liquid on them, which is more than could be said if I had been the one holding that cup.

  2. Wait, what? Where? Details, please.

    Um, the hole in the Sonic cup? Can I just tell you I have lost count of how many times I have done that. Fortunately never while meeting my blogging heroes (not yet anyway), but on many fine occasions I have found myself in that same awkward position.

    And oh my gosh - Kyle used to do that to me all the time when he was "watching" Dacey for me. Especially when she was a baby. It was like he thought since he didn't have the boobies, there was no way he could console her. The best/worst time was when he sent me to get a one hour massage when she was four months old and I was about to come apart from exhaustion. Would you believe he called me 50 minutes in to tell me that Dacey was inconsolable? Oh, I was not happy.

    But we recovered. For the most part.

    I love these thoughts on worshipping in all situations and circumstances. So true and enlightening.

    I think of you guys often. I have a feeling Baby Girl is gonna turn a corner soon and things will be so much more smooth and - believe it or not - enjoyable!

  3. Yeah...um Beth Moore is amazing and has such a gift to reach ladies! I am so glad that it taught your spirit how to worship our Father even more! How cool! Gods peace over you and I pray God continues you bless you with awakening moments about how much HE LOVES YOU!


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