Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Never would have thought in a million years

Seriously, I would have never thought I could feel emotional over something like a presidential inauguration, especially in a country that I am not even a citizen of! But this is such a momentous day: for our country, for us, for Jayci, and especially for our kiddos downtown. And they're playing this beautiful classical music that I love, and I feel like this moment has just blown the roof off for our kids. I mean, someone who grew up like them is the PRESIDENT of the United States. They can do and be whatever they want - I hope they realize that, and run with it, and dream big!

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  1. Oh, this is how I felt ALL day yesterday! I got weepy every time I turned around. I'm so excited about what this means for African-American children, that they have a hero like this to look to for inspiration and encouragement. Y'all are a big part of their education as well and I'm so glad...


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