Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

One of my very favorite websites in the world is -- you cannot imagine cuter, sweeter, more beautiful jewelry, art and baby stuff . . . and it's all homemade so you can feel good buying it knowing you're supporting artists and sustaining creativity.

I thought I'd share seven of my all-time favorite Etsy shops(well today they're my favorites - who knows what gems I'll discover tomorrow), as a take on Conversion Diary's Seven Quick Takes Friday.

1.) CUTE boots, aprons and headbands(you all know I love my baby accessories!):MiaJoie
I mean - can you imagine anything cuter than this?

2. NuxieMade - sweet hand crocheted hats with flowers or without -- so so so cute :-)
(I mean, have you ever seen anything sweeter? Of course, I may be biased since it's my baby and all . . .)

3. The Vintage Pearl - I love these simple {hand stamped} sentiments - This jewelry is heart-felt, meaningful and beautiful too!

4. Artquirk - I, in fact, have one of this talented artist's prints hanging in my living room . . . and it looks quite good if I do say so myself! Check out this shop's beautiful artwork of city streets, towns, etc.

5. Lola Lu Designs - This beautiful jewelry is made by a friend of mine - I especially love the Vanilla Coin Pearl Earrings.

6. Jenn Ski Art I have one of this artist's beautiful prints hanging in my bedroom. And I love it - it makes me feel cool and modern.

7. I've told you before about how I am slightly obsessed with letters/typeface as decor. That's why I love this next Etsy shop - Green Chair Press - it totally fulfills my desire for lots of letters. (Look! Here is one of their prints hanging in my foyer - and by foyer I mean next to the front door since my house is definitely not big enough to have a "foyer")

Want more? Visit Etsy, or check out Conversion Diary's blog for more 7 Quick Takes.

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! I think it's always phenomenal when we can support artists we know personally. I had the privilige of living with an artist for a year in college. I loved some of the new ways I learned to see things!


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