Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Eve of Christmas

I sat in church today and watched my sweet baby girl sleep peacefully in my husband's arms as we sang Silent Night. Slowly my heart squeezed with the realization that our Savior and Creator came to earth as a baby. Sweet, beautiful and precious - but also helpless. Mary rocked Him to sleep, changed Him when He was wet or dirty, fed Him and washed Him. What a gift it is to hold my own baby and be offered a small glimpse into the sacrifice and love God showed us on a silent night so long ago.

Having Jayci here this year completely changed Christmas. Not the meaning behind it of course, but my understanding of that meaning. A sweetness and tenderness has sneaked in, even in the midst of the holiday busyness and bustle. This year, I cannot help but delight in the way which our heavenly Father looks on each of us with the same tenderness I bestow on Jayci. He calls me 'daughter' because His true Son came to earth as a tiny, perfect baby who lived a sinless life and died a horrible death - all so that we can experience the forgiveness and love of a perfect heavenly Father.

I am blown away by His goodness and the miracle of that Silent Night. So I pray that THIS silent night over 2000 years later, you might also be touched deeply by the gift our Father sent us in a beautiful, tiny little baby who saves all those who believe in Him.

Merry Christmas from the Stanleys -- we love you all very much!

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  1. Merry Christmas! That beautiful baby girl would make any heart more tender, I think...


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