Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Writer's Block

Ok so I have absolutely nothing to write about. Apparently, my life is pretty boring right now . . . In fact, I've spent the last 45 minutes or so, staring at Jayci and making big smiles to try and get her to smile - my cheeks hurt, but I'm not very exciting!

Now that Jayci has been here for 2 months (whoa! can you believe she's already 2 months old?!) I feel like she's been a part of our lives forever; yet, strangely, I also feel like it was seriously yesterday that we were watching House in the hospital lobby waiting for a room to deliver her in.
Speaking of her being 2 months old, the two month old check-up is brutal by the way. They made me hold down my sweet little girl so they could stick her with needles -- I'll tell you what, she was looking at me and grinning and cooing when all of a sudden she got this shocked and betrayed look on her face and started wailing. As tears welled in my own eyes, I wanted to point at the nurse and shout "it was her! she did it! not me!" but since the nurse might have considered that response a little, well, juvenile - I opted to hold Jayci close and try and calm her down instead (a task which, by the way, took almost 2 full days to accomplish completely).

More updates from the doctor (thrilling I know, but like I said - I'm a little boring right now) Jayci weighs 9 lbs 14oz and is 22 inches long -- she's in the 30th percentile for all her measurements("perfectly proportioned" the doctor said - which I already knew of course).

In other (really exciting) news, I added some more decor to my house (courtesy of Altmix Photography)


  1. AW! She ain't bad either! :) Adorable little girlie.

  2. What a wonderfully perfect kind of boring. Relish it. It's all about the baby for a while. Just don't let Jayci know, or she'll get a big head and ruin the perfect proportions.


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