Friday, November 14, 2008

Jayci's Guide to Style

There are so many reasons I love Fridays, not the least being that I can watch my recorded "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" (although I shudder to think what he would say if he saw my closet). This week, he says you should throw away any clothing with a stain on it . . . if I did that, I would have exactly one shirt left - and that's only cause I haven't worn it yet!

Tim has a list of 10 Essential items which should be in every woman's closet - so I thought I'd comprise a little list of my own:

Jayci's 10 essential items (which no self-respecting baby girl should be without)

1-Fabulous footwear (notice the boots with the fur)
2-Pajamas with footies
3-Hair accessories (bows, bows and more bows)
4-Baggy tights (because 0-9 months is an appropriate age range for ONE size)
5-Onesies in girly colors with cute sayings on them (like "Daddy's girl" or "I like kisses")
6-Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots
7-Anything pink and brown
8-Pants with ruffles on the butt (it just adds a little somethin' somethin')
9-Bloomers to match my dresses (because showing your diaper? that's just tacky)
10-Anything velour (Jenny from the Block anyone?)

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