Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm all about the letters

My dad told me I had a slight obsession with letters used in my home decor. Looking around today I realized he might be right. Not that I'm admitting I have a problem or anything.
See exhibit A (our kitchen/breakfast nook), exhibit B (the entry way - no it doesnt SAY anything - it's just random letters) and exhibit C (our fireplace mantel) There's actually a few more letters for decor throughout the house, but I got a little embarrassed and stopped taking pictures of them. I mean really, you'd think I could be a little more creative!

So now that our little one is ALMOST here (seriously - can you believe I'm nearly in my third trimester?!) We are starting to work on her room. So guess how I decided to decorate? Random letters! surprise, surprise . . .

So Sarah (my sister) and I started painting random letters all over the room the other night -- only to discover at the end of all our hard work that we had accidentally written "DAM" on her wall - oops! I know it's the beaver kind of dam and not the curse word, but still . . . I changed the M to an H and now we're good to go. I'm excited with how it looks so far and am even more excited to finish the room up now that Adam's FINALLY coming home!


  1. im not going to lie, i LOVE the stanley in your breakfest nook and hope to copy it one day :)

    Can't wait to see the room finished!!

  2. this post totally cracked me up, i'm sure baby stanley will unknowingly appreciate the DAH, haha, love it! :)


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