Thursday, June 26, 2008

Babies "R" Us = registry "fun"

When Adam and I finally decided to sit down and register for baby Stanley's stuff, we were immediately overwhelmed by:
1-Our lack of parental wisdom - I mean, I didn't (ok dont) even know what half the stuff was - how do i decide which bottle to use, let alone which stroller works best
2-The sheer number of baby related "necessities" which included everything from a video monitor (because watching your baby sleep every night is WAY more fun than watching The Office right?)

Somehow, after much fighting and maybe even a few tears, we were able to register for everything we thought we could possibly need for our new little baby. Apparently, Babies "R" Us disagreed.

Naively, I assumed my registry was good-to-go and would wait patiently until we had a baby shower or some other such festivity. However, we got our crib yesterday (finally - and that's another story for another day) and the mattress size specifications were VERY specific - so I logged onto our registry to make sure the mattress we painstakingly selected would actually FIT the crib.

I was very confused when I logged onto my registry and thought maybe I was on the wrong one -- all of a sudden, I had HUNDREDS (ok dozens at least) of items on there that I couldnt possibly have registered for (I have certain aversions to things which are too "baby" and the pink 'love bug' bedding would definitely qualify). Not to mention that I know wanted two strollers, two high chairs, three sets of crib bedding and five hundred boxes of diapers -- how greedy do you think I am?!

I mentioned this bizarre fact to my mother-in-law (actually she apparently checks our registry far more often than we do and asked why in the world I had registered for two strollers) When I explained the bizarre registry situation, she mentioned that her neighbor who just had a baby had the same thing happen and it turns out that Babies "R" Us went ahead and added a "few" things they thought she needed but forgot to register for! I mean really, how irritating is that?! What will people think of me when they look at my registry and discover I have registered for approximately 300 baby items!? 300 ITEMS!

So this morning I decided to set out deleting all those things which Babies "R" Us registered us for. But to my dismay, I quickly learned that deleted about 200 items will probably take 2.5 weeks . . . you have to delete each unwanted item one by one and then wait for the page to reload, scroll down (through 300 items remember?) find where you were, delete one MORE item, reload the page . . . So I got irritated and came here to write about my problem rather than actually solving it. In fact, I think Babies "R" Us has a brilliant scheme because who (besides me) has 2.5 weeks available to spend in front of the computer deleting registry items?? Most people probably leave them and then wonder why in the world they registered for a pink flannel sleep sack covered in baby blue butterflies?

Anyways, I just realized that most people probably dont want to read a novel about baby registries (no matter how thrilling it may be) so I apologize for the fact that this is the longest post about nothing in the history of this blog . . . congratulations to anyone who is still reading.

Updated to add: They actually registered me for not one, but TWO, "Baby on Board" signs for my car -- how embarrassing - people might think I actually wanted those!


  1. I read the whole post. I would. :) Sorry about the frustration... thats horrible and crazy that they do that... your post is not useless, for the other future mama's out there its enlightning! :) I love you and miss you!

  2. oops, I guess I'll return the baby on board signs I bought you... just kidding! You should call Babies-R-Us !


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