Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The miracle of life :-)

I mean seriously, being pregnant is weird if you think about it too much -- I have a baby inside of me, growing and moving and eating and peeing and everything! Strange, but miraculous - I cannot imagine how someone could NOT believe in a Creator while going through a pregnancy - the intricacy of how your body changes and how the little one grows inside of you. And the first time you feel her (or him) move -- oh how amazing it is!

I felt the baby move for the first time a few days ago. Every night (ok most nights) before we go to sleep, Adam and I pray out loud together. We were laying in bed and Adam was praying for our daughter when I felt her move - It was amazing, such a little miracle - like she knew we were talking about her and she knew we were talking to her maker!

Then when I was downtown on Wednesday night - the kids were singing and showing me their dance to "Here I am to Worship" and I swear our baby was doing cartwheels and back flips - she was moving SO much! Adam and I like to think she was worshiping right along with us.

A dear friend told me this week that parenting reveals how God gives us grace for the moment. I am already finding the truth in that statement, and my daughter hasn't even been born yet. Every time I get overwhelmed by upcoming motherhood, or frustrated with how uncomfortable i feel or how often I have to use the bathroom, I'll feel her move and realize that everything is going to be ok. My body is doing what it's supposed to be doing and God is knitting together our little one in my womb. If I can trust Him now, I surely can continue to trust in His grace and goodness when she arrives!


I LOVE hearing from you. Thank-you for reading and interacting, and being the best!


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