Friday, April 4, 2008

When Things Make No Sense . . .

Well Charli's sick again . . . Charli is our 5 month old puppy, who got REALLY super-sick about 3 weeks ago. She got so sick we were certain we were going to have to put her down -- we spend $900 at the vet getting her pumped full of fluids (she wouldnt eat or drink) and running a ridiculous amount of tests to try and figure out what was wrong. She was pathetic -- with a runny nose, bad cough, mucous-y eyes, she had uncontrollable diarrhea (gross i know) and couldnt even walk right. She had a fever, her head was sensitive to the touch (she ducked when we tried to pet her) and even began showing some neurological signs like shaking her head a little and not being able to control her back legs. It was, quite literally, heart-wrenching to watch - I mean, I know she's a dog and not a human - but she was so cute and helpless and the vet had NO idea what it was so we couldnt do a single thing to help her.

Monday night, we resigned ourselves to putting her down the next morning if she even made it through the night. But miraculously, when we went in on tuesday (Adam even took the day off work because i was a hot mess - i blame the pregnancy hormones) she was doing a little better. She stayed at the vet two more days and then we took her home. In a matter of days she was completely 100% her old self: roughhousing with Maverick, stealing our food, barking at her toys, jumping on the bed and couch and howling when she didnt get her way. We laughed at her antics and thought everything was all better.

Then two days ago she starting doing her reverse sneeze again (she sounds like she's suffocating) and she wouldnt play or do anything but sleep. Today she stopped wanting to eat, her eyes and nose are runny and her head is sensitive to the touch again . . .I feel completely helpless and discouraged. There's no way we can stomach another $900 vet bill -- and we dont even know what's wrong or if she'll pull through this time.

It's one of those times in my life (i know it's just a dog - but she's adorable and i love her) when I just cannot understand God's ways or plan. I mean, we had resigned ourselves to putting her down last time -- why did she get better only to get sick again? What's with the emotional rollarcoaster (and I'll tell you what -- throw in a few pregnancy hormones and it's one of those super-sonic, twisty, loop-de-loop coasters- which, by the way, I HATE) Anyways, at this point we have no idea what we're going to do, what's wrong with her or if she's going to get better. And at this point, I have no idea what God's big picture is -- so all I can do is trust in His goodness and rest in the knowledge that He is bigger than me and His ways are WAY higher than mine.

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