Saturday, April 19, 2008

The thing about being pregnant . . .

When you first get pregnant, you hear all these crazy things that are going to happen to your body and to you in general. I mean, we all know pregnant women get weird cravings, have to pee a lot, are emotional and forgetful right? The thing is that I always felt like all those things are probably exaggerated - I figured it was probably more like pms - sort of true, but not always, and really more of an excuse than an actual reason for being cranky and emotional.

But since I’m almost half-way through my pregnancy, I’ve discovered that perhaps there is more truth than I thought to the crazy-pregnant lady symptoms. Allow me to illustrate with some examples from my own pregnancy . . .

Early in my pregnancy, I forgot my purse in the shopping cart after I returned it to the “cart corral” at the grocery store. I got all the way home before realizing I didn’t have my house key (not to mention my passport, green card etc – no big deal). I mean, I've been a little absentminded in the past, but forgetting my purse in the shopping cart? that's extreme

Weird Cravings:
Lets just say I havent been wanting dessert and I HAVE been wanting nothing but fruit and salad . . . if that's not weird (for me), I dont know what is.

Large Appetite:
The other day, I felt a strange sensation in my stomach. Certain that something was deathly wrong (see below for 'emotional'), I panicked for a minute - until I realized the foreign feeling was a hunger pain. Apparently, I normally eat long before I'm actually hungry.

A month or so ago, I saw a cat get hit by a car -- and I cried. I dont even like cats! I was going to say that I cry in literally every movie and tv show -- but that's not too strange for me, so I thought the cat sob-fest was a far better indicator of my emotional state.

Anyways, all that to say that I'm definitely pregnant, as evidenced by my newly large belly and the overwhelming array of hormone-induced symptoms.


  1. hey, sweet girl. sorry to hear the pregnancy rumors are not exaggerated. kind of a bummer--i was hoping/assuming they were too. the kuyvenhoven rumor mill says you're feeling better physically nowadays, i hope that's still true. how's charli? is he feeling better too? thanks for doing such a good job of keeping the rest of us up to date on your life. sorry we suck at doing the same. :-)

  2. o my goodness! you are so cute! love reading your blog! :)



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