Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here's a picture of the new Casa de Stanley! :-) yay! we're so excited about it!

and one from the cruise we took for our anniversary :-)

Leaving "stuff" behind

I listened to a Podcast this morning on my way to work (well it's a sermon, but "podcast" sounds cooler) by Rob Bell of Mars Hill Church . . . He talked about a bunch of really cool stuff, and it has all been resonating through me all day.

Posting to this blog has been harder than I thought it would be -- it's been so long since I've really written anything, and even longer since I connected to my own heart (something I'm just re-learning how to do). It's a lot like trying to dig a well: I know there's water there, I've drank from it before and it was refreshing and sweet. But it's hard work digging deep enough to tap into that "wellspring" of life. Sometimes I find myself getting close, knowing that I will hit water in the next few digs -- but I stop myself because it's painful and a little scary (what happens if it's too much water and it drowns me? or if it hurts my heart to keep digging at it like this?!)

Anyways, all this to say that I've been thinking about my future and where the Lord is leading me. I've always had all these grand plans for my life (because I'm "smart" - whatever that means) But lately I'm not so sure of my big plans -- I'm learning that God wants me to take it one step at a time - to trust Him that He knows exactly where I am and where I'm going. He even says He has plans for me - plans including prosper and not harm . . . so why is that so hard to believe? Why do I constantly want to work out my five-year plan (marriage, dog, house, kids . . . all wrapped up nicely with great friends and a fantastic job)?

I was reminded by Rob Bell this morning that God likes to provide for us TODAY. When the Isrealites were in the desert, they were only allowed to collect enough manna to last them for one day. And when the Lord was guiding them (for 40 years remember?) He went ahead of them as a pillar of fire. When He stopped, they stopped - and when He moved, they followed. I've heard this story hundreds (well close at least) of times, and I've always just wished that I could see God that clearly - see where He's going and where He's taking me. But when I stop and think about the implications of what life must have been like for the Isrealites following this pillar of fire, I am convicted that my own life seems sadly "faith-less" in comparison. Think about it: they had to be willing to follow God anywhere, to pack up and leave - even if they had already pitched a sweet tent and made it all "homey" What would it look like for me to follow God anywhere - no matter how comfortable I am where I'm at (even in my brand new house?!) What does it look like to follow a God who is unpredictable, scary-powerful, and who only shows you one step at a time? I want that kind of faith. . . and I think one of the keys is being completely unwilling to be where God's NOT. In other words, when the pillar moves - I'm going to follow, even if it goes somewhere I dont necessarily want to go - because I'm learning that it's better to be somewhere hard if God's presence is there, than to be somewhere comfortable without Him. . .

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our Big News . . .

No we're not having a baby (yet) Our puppy should keep us sufficiently busy for a couple years! haha - Colleen was right when she said that babysitting is the best form of birth control, but I'd be willing to say that if that's not working - try getting a puppy :-) Especially one that has to pee every 30 minutes and has an endless supply of energy, playfulness and sharp teeth . . .

Anyways, back to our news: We bought a house! That's right, the Casa de Stanley will be officially ours one week from tomorrow - I can hardly believe it! We got a great deal on a cute little three bedroom house in a small neighborhood which is right in between my job and Adam's (hopefully) teaching position next year. The best part is there's a lake in our backyard -- and the previous owner is leaving Adam is fishing boat and fish-finder . . . i think Adam couldnt be happier! :-) We're both really excited about it and will post pictures as soon as we get a new cord to connect our digital camera (since Maverick chewed ours)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


hey eveyone :-)
Welcome to our brand-new blog!

Stan and I have been blown away by the things God's been teaching us lately, so this is probably going to be mostly a matter of us hashing that out, with some of our escapades thrown in.

Currently, I am still working for my parents as "product manager" (whatever that means!) Basically, I do a lot of stuff for the website, I place orders, and I travel a lot . . .which sounds cool, but really it's just tiring! haha -- It's really a pretty good job, the problem is that it's not a good fit for my passions and it's not where I feel led. So all of that combines to make me not a happy camper when I go to work every day. As a result, I've decided to apply for the Masters of Professional Writing program at Kennesaw University. Now I realize that this doesn't necessarily solve my problem of figuring 0ut what to do with my life; however, it does effectively delay it for 2 years. I'll keep you updated on the status of that as I learn more and hear back from them.

Adam is working very hard (really he is!) to finish up his undergraduate degree so he can be a bonafide chemistry teacher next year. And let me tell you, we are both definitely ready for it! haha. Unfortunately, to get to that point, he has to muddle through some ridiculous classes such as "quantitative analytical chemistry" and "bioinorganic chemistry" -- sounds fun right?

Anyways, we are both excited (and a little scared) because God's been using some really great friends to teach us some stuff about the Bible and community and what that means practically for our lives. So stay tuned for some potentially big changes around here :-)

Sorry this is so long-winded. Hopefully we'll keep it at least somewhat updated so we can post short blurbs rather than novellas :-)

*Maverick is cracking me up right now so I thought I'd post a picture of him!


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