Thursday, December 13, 2007

Puzzles . . .

I realized today watching the kids try and put together puzzles at the preschool that it was a perfect picture of their typical attitude towards life in general (I know, it sounds like a stretch - but stick with me . . . )
When a group of five or six of them is given a puzzle to assemble, the first thing they do is grab as many pieces as possible and escape to work on it . . . the problem is, none of the pieces they grab and claim as theirs necessarily fit together, and it is clearly impossible to finish the puzzle without collaborating with the other puzzle-makers with THEIR stashes of pieces. . .

I've found it frustrating and next to impossible to try and help them work together on the puzzle. Their mentality is to grab as much as they can for themselves and then not let anyone near, because they might steal their pieces. I cant help but feel compassion for these kids who live in a world where they have to protect what little they have so it doesnt get stolen from them . . .

However, I think on some level we are all like this in our lives - hoarding and storing up treasures here on earth, failing to see how perfectly the pieces all fit together once we are willing to share and fit our pieces into other people's pieces. The Lord must feel a little bit like I do: tired of trying to constantly explain that we have to share, and frustrated with our tears every time one of our pieces gets taken away. The thing is: when we get "our" pieces taken away, it's often because the Lord has a much bigger picture (the whole puzzle) and we need to give up this piece to make the whole fit together!

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  1. I am touched how deeply and clearly the Lord is guiding you. I am thankful that you are a part of my puzzle.
    I love you.


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