Monday, April 16, 2007

World Travels . . .

Well who knew that I would be this WIDE awake after spending nearly 21 hours on a plane!?! and that doesnt even include all the customs, security and baggage claim time! Anyways, we arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong - where it is nearly midnight - but my body seems to think it's closer to noon . . . so we'll see how the whole sleep thing works out for me.

Everyone keeps telling me how exciting it is that I get to go to China - but to me it just seems tiring! Dont get me wrong, I love experiencing other cultures and seeing cool things -- but the more accurate description of it all is exhausting! We fly 9 times in just 2 weeks - not to mention a 12 hour time difference which takes 12 days to adjust to (just in time to go back and re-adjust all over again!) I am also sad to leave my hubby behind for so long, and Maverick, and our new house too. Luckily, Adam has a crazy next couple weeks to end his college career so it's good timing for him, as long as he can stay focused without me there to nag him (he's probably glad!)

Anyways, I've been thinking about some cool stuff that the Lord's been teaching me and laying on our hearts as a couple . . . but more on that later :-)

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  1. More MORE we want more!!!! :):) - absolutely love your writing and love listening to your heart through words - u are awesome!!!! es


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