Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Lately the Lord's been taking the things I've always believed or always assumed, and He's been turning them on their head. But I suppose Christ has always been an upside-down sort of God - where the first are last, to save your life you must lose it, and where masters wash their servants' feet.

We live in this culture where it's all about getting to the top of the ladder, accumulating the most stuff, and being the best at everything (whether it's your job, having the most friends, being the most beautiful . . .) - not only is it exhausting, but it's dangerous! I've spent my whole life climbing the rungs, passing all those who told me I couldnt do it, or that I was too ugly or not "fun" or whatever . . . I just assumed that once I made it to the top of the ladder, then I'd be truly happy. But the truth, I'm discovering, is that Jesus is standing at the bottom of the ladder telling us that blessed are the poor, and the meek, and the last -- I want to be where Jesus is - and that means getting down to the bottom of the ladder.

But what does that look like in my life? What does it mean to start putting others before myself - to stop looking for ways to be prettier, more popular, or more well-liked - and start looking for ways to serve, to love and to care for others. I think my life would look drastically different than it does now if I really put all of the things I've been learning into practice. It's a little scary and disconcerting, actually, to think about making the changes that go against everything the World insists we should be doing . . . but I am desperate for Jesus and I know that I cannot live without Him. If to get to Him I need to climb back down the ladder, then I will start today by praying for the strength to do so!


  1. As a child we used to sing ;we are climbing Jacobs ladder'. Since I can't climb ladders anymore it is a relief to be on the bottom. I'm glad you're coming ro join me.

  2. sigh ... ;) love you girl ... es


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